Let’s Build Your Profitable Organic Sales Funnel to Generate Highly Conversional Leads on Auto-Pilot.

Let’s help you build ONE SALES SYSTEM that generates Outbound Leads every day & a Magnetic Inbound Sales Funnel to strengthen your SQL Pipeline.

Lead Generation

Outbound Sales System

Organic Inbound Marketing

Sales Team SetUp & Development


Too many social platforms and too many sales processes?
SIMPLIFY your Sales Systems and implement the most profitable Organic Sales Funnel that can get you Leads Consistently.

@Lyan.digital – we deploy signature frameworks built from the bases of Neuromarketing, and behavioral psychology we enable companies and communities to come closer to having a connection like never before.

Magnetic Value Proposition → Right Audience → Make a Sale

Audience Sorting

Elaborative Signature Customer Persona Validation to ensure creative freedom and precise targeting. The prompt customer psychology enables creative freedom & better brand positioning.

Behavior Alignment

From Journey Mapping until Touch Point amplification - Measure every inch of customer behavior and connect the nodes to create a wholesome coverage for your brand. Make your customer fill up your buying pattern checklist.

Cohesive Pitch

From having a concrete Value Proposition, a Highly Conversional Offer and the right Pitch - Communication lays the ground for converting Leads to Customers and becomes a Magnet for your Audience.



Strategic Lead Generation

Reachout to the Prospects with Demand & Sign Up Soon

Multiply your Revenue

Pitch Qualitative High Ticket Services to Potential Markets

Business Expansion

Establish effective communication with prospects

Customer Acquisition

Aggressive Lead Generation and Increase Pipeline Length

Client Retention

Maximise MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

Magnetize your Brand

Attract clients while you aren’t asking for a sale

How do we do it?

Disclaimer: All these flow models are mock creations to showcase the varied attributes of the working process. The wireframes displayed here are neither client property nor taken from elsewhere. These are created with the sole purpose of demonstrating problem-solving and getting at an expected result.

B2B SaaS Customer Acquisition

Read how we streamline the organic push to gain subscribers while keeping down the complex executions. Keep doing this for 90 days to get consistent results.

Subscription-based SaaS

Software development firm that works in artificial intelligence and mobile edge computing to tackle complicated business problems. They assist retailers, wholesalers, and distributors in organizing and manage their operations professionally and precisely

B2B Leadership Development Training Company

A Leadership development firm with more than 50 corporate companies. They focus on enhancing company’s brand values by creating better leaders within the organisation, both in terms of company’s Image and performance

Tools of Execution

We strategize and work with Result Based Marketing Plans to amplify the qualitative outputs rather than working with a quantitative metric

Research Tools


Platform Exposure

Public Media

Chosen depending on Client Centricity

Private Media

 To Nurture and Value Conversions


Search Engine & ORM Positioning

Retargetting Systems

Extensive Brand Recall & Persuasion

Sales Funnel and Customer Flow Funnel

Help your clients Navigate toward Conversion

Affirming Client Interactions

Emphasise Human Centricity and Value-based H2H Connection

How do we work?

Only Strategic Model

Consultation & Strategy

Bottleneck Analysis & Problem-Solving

Handheld Execution

Conversional Assets

Customer Centric Stories

Buyer Guide & Use Cases

Demonstrative Designs

Neurological CTA positioning

Credibility Building actions


 No. We are a Strategic Consulting Company. Though we utilize certain tools of digital marketing, we do not offer full-fledged digital marketing. Instead, we go through the intricacies of a business and navigate through refined customer’s psychological preferences to help your company grow. And to reach your audience, we leverage tools like content, social channels, native advertisement, etc.

Well, we do only the getting you result part without Jargons. Its straight, on to the point and we focus just on one thing – Getting you the Best leads and helping you get your customers interested in you. Like I said, No Fluff. Just One thing & we do it Right.

We focus only on Increasing your Revenue. We SetUp Sales Systems to improve Lead Generation, Create your Unique Value Proposition, Follow the Customer Journey and help you Pitch and Close Deals.

 We are a Strategic Consulting company. So we offer Strategies and a complete roadmap. That being said, we do not leave you unguided through the ocean just by handing you a Map. We work closely with your team/you and ensure to handhold you through the execution journey and be accountable for the results

Our prime service capabilities revolve around Client Acquisition [Generating Organic Leads], Creating a distinct Customer-Centric Brand Positioning to increase your Brand recall, thereby increasing your conversion rate, Making your customer journey engaging, which increases your client retention and Taking you through the process of Business Goal Setting and racing you through the roadmap. So to summarize, we help you to Position your Business right, fix a goal, go all the way to achieving the goal, and generate more clients, which we also help you to retain for a longer period of time. Sounds like EVERYTHING, right? So come on in, and let’s Discuss!

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