About the Company

Lyan.digital is a new age Strategic Marketing Consulting Company founded by Saranya Narayana Moorthy. After building two Marketing Companies in 5 years and scaling them to 8 figures, she now focuses on one unified empire – Lyan.digital.

After executing 1000+ Strategic campaigns and working in diverse fields from agriculture to aerospace, we now bring in the expertise to work on more qualitative projects than focus more on quantity.

With a supreme focus on the B2B High Ticket Segment, we aim to help businesses position themselves in the Major League and take charge of the economic whirlpools to shift in their direction.

Yes. A B2B Business space can be dense, expansive, and multi-rooted. But only if you know which switch to flip and which direction to steer. And that’s precisely where lyan.digital comes into the frame.

Lyan.digital helps B2B Medium and large companies to scale their revenue and generate highly conversional leads through progressive customer journey mapping and making the prospects ‘think in your favour’. How do we do that? Through Cognitive Marketing. As a result, you don’t just improve your Lead Flow but also catalyse the decision-making process.

Together, we help you set your Sales System, finetune your Value Proposition and Craft the right customer persona (The one with Demand for your Services and has the capacity to pay you).

This way, you can be assured that everything from knowing whom to pitch, knowing what to pitch, and finally getting the pitch right are keenly taken care of by the expert.

With intrinsic wireframes and advanced principles of Neuromarketing, Social Psychology, Aggressive Sales and Diplomatic Digital Marketing Strategies, we are here to make your business goals grow and stay hoarded.

Powering the Future of Business to Business Sector with Practical Experience and Simplified Marketing.

 Saranya Narayana Moorthy


About the Founder

Saranya Narayana Moorthy is a B2B Strategic Marketer and High Ticket Sales Closer with over five years of experience working with start-ups, SMEs and Enterprises. After her experience in Digital Marketing Segment, she started her Marketing Company, which scaled to 8 figures in 5 years. Since then, the evolution of systems and processes has been inevitable as the company served over 170 clients across 8+ countries, delivered excellent client projects, and established ~7.1 ROI.

Saranya is a creative thinker with a core focus on the root attributes of business. She is quick on her feet and is too deep in her Sales Experience which allows her to follow the right economic pathways towards better business turnarounds. Her Powerful Business Acumen and Strategic Skillset have led her through consistent business growth and sustainable 7-8-figure business models.

After working on the project execution side for the past years, she shifted to consulting and Mentoring for the same clientele to provide more consistent and focused attention. On this note, Lyan.digital was established in 2022 and has worked with four clients for full-fledged workflow and 100+ consultations in the past year. With closer attention to every client and signature working process, she has demonstrated consistent conversion rates and a higher client success than the median average.

Saranya’s strength focuses towards High Ticket Sales Systems, Extensive Lead Generation, and building Customer-Centric Brand Positioning to ensure a significant conversion rate.

Overall, if you are a B2B Business Owner needing someone to help grow your Sales Systems with practical and real systems with a no-fluff experience and expertise to grow your business without too many complications – then you have arrived at your destination.

Book a discovery call, and you will experience what you just read.

Welcome to Lyan.digital! Meet, Saranya Narayana Moorthy 🙂

How do we do it?

Disclaimer: All these flow models are mock creations to showcase the varied attributes of the working process. The wireframes displayed here are neither client property nor taken from elsewhere. These are created with the sole purpose of demonstrating problem-solving and getting at an expected result.

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