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A 6 Month Coaching & Consulting Program for B2B Business Owners to transition into the High Ticket Segment, SetUp Profitable Sales Funnel and Improve their Sales skills to become A+ Sales Person, while generating higher profits by signing consistent deals with high intent consistent by spending <60 Mins a day without hiring a Sales Team

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Generate High Quality Leads with SIMPLIFIED ONE SALES SYSTEM

Set-Up HT-SaS, our signature High Ticket Sales Advancement System to close Premium deals with intent that drives multi seven figures in Revenue every Quarter. Generate HQ Leads and Nurture them with just one Funnel

Build a Magnetic Brand Presence

Strengthen your Inbound Marketing with our Lattice Content Framework (LCF) to maximise the Results while reducing your efforts. Make yourself discoverable, trustable and approachable to High Value Prospects.

Focus on Needle Moving Activities

Stop doing 10+ random things hoping one of it would get you results. Work on Focussed High Intent strategic actions and generate Crores in revenue while building a brand by spending >60 mins a day without a Sales Team

You know how much B2B Business Owners struggle with lack of ONE Proven System to generate leads and most importantly CLOSE deals?
I help them with exactly that.

With my proprietary system HT-SaS, High Ticket Sales Advancement System, I help B2B Business Owners, transition into the High Ticket Segment and setup profitable Sales Funnel system that Generates leads with high intent and nurtures them to conversion without spending more than 60 mins a day and without hiring a sales team.

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