Proven Method to Sign up B2B High Ticket Clients in just 9 Steps!

Out of 10 Ads people see in an hour, they buy from just one. Why?

No, don’t say Copy.

It’s not COPY.

Copy increases the watch time of the ad and brings awareness. But what makes feel it is exactly for them?

If you haven’t given a thought about this until now, let me tell you what you missed out on.

You failed to showcase how customers should come to you and buy the product.

You Missed out on Making your customers think their way to buying your product.

And that process is called – Customer Journey Mapping.

Copy Builds Curiosity. Customer Journey Map Converts!

What is a Customer Journey Map?

A Customer journey map is a roadway that takes your prospect from being a target audience to a customer.

The route through the sales funnel guides through every turn to ensure the audience goes all the way towards the destination without getting lost.

Imagine a group of people stuck in a train wreck. Everyone intends to get out. . While some are busy searching and trying for various conventional and unconventional ways to get out, some are just idle.

While many are Busy Pushing through the Hurdles, some are still standing. That doesn’t mean they do not intend to take action.

In case you are wondering, they wanted to get out as well. But they just need to figure out what to do and are too afraid to lose what they have by attempting the wrong way.

If you want to be of use here, there are just two ways:

  • Help people who are busy searching for ways by showing them the right way
  • Guide the others who are sitting still by example.

Now, it’s not simple. You don’t just go to them and say, “Here is the way.”

Instead, you first call them out, show them how you got it, make them realise it’s the right way, and hand-hold them through the path.

Business Owner feeling Stuck and Powerless because he isn’t able to generate leads.

And once you are done, you ensure they are safe and good to go on their own.

Now, take up the same scenario. Business Owners are stuck or feeling stuck due to some missing pieces. The Missing Pieces that you offer. While some are busy searching for putting their puzzle together, others sit still, not knowing what piece to look for.

Make your clients agree – that you are the piece they are looking for.

So, how will you guide them through the journey?

Using the customer journey map. You take people from discovering your profile to trusting you enough to buy from you. Now that we know the purpose of it let’s see how we can get this done.

How is a Customer Journey Map Created?

If you take any journey, it’s created by Milestones. Each Milestone is a step that takes a person closer to the destination.

On that note, a customer journey map is created by ‘Touch Points’ that react as Milestones.

Firstly, we create a firm idea of

  • Current Situation
  • Ideal Situation
  • Dream Situation

Current situation is where you are right now. When you define it, define it in terms of the metrics you want to give the highest attention to.

Let’s take an example,

Is 10x your Growth Plan?

The minute I asked you this, what elements popped up in your mind?

Revenue? Size of the Company? Follower Size? Valuation? What was it?

Now, when I say this, you might have your own ideas of what 10x means TO YOU.

For some B2B Businesses, it might be 10x reach; for some, it would be 10x in employee size; for some, it would be 10x revenue; and for some, it would be 10x profitability. 

We never know the metric clearly unless you define it.

If you say growing in terms of cash flow, then let me ask you again.

Is it Profitability or Revenue?

Right now, you’re probably saying, I want to increase the cash flow in my business.

But what you’re NOT getting clear on is – YOUR definition of “cash flow”.

Do you want to increase the cash flow by increasing the profitability or by increasing the revenue?

Because of this can help you 10x your cash flow. It’s about HOW you want to achieve that goal.

Growing 10x can mean you enhance your profitability multifold without increasing the revenue or first, improving your profitability and then amplifying the revenue can give you many returns.

So before you set a goal, know clearly what it means to you.

But here’s the catch.

Getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on the definition of your goal is ESSENTIAL because depending on that definition, the strategy to get there will change. 

If you were to increase revenue, there’s a certain strategy. If you want to increase the profitability, there’s a certain strategy.

I want to tell you something actually,

I had a conversation with my client a few days back.

He had certain goals, but they were not clearly defined. He has been working on it that way for quite some months and last week we defined it using our clear USP correlation formula. 

After we clearly defined them, here’s what he said:

“Had I known this 2 years back, I would have known everything I planned to do is a distraction and not a focused growth action. I did a lot of things that were just a noise in my Business.”

Reminder for you: Eliminate the Noise, Turn off the Chaos.

A lot of B2B businesses are STUCK at the same place for months because of this exact reason – the lack of clarity in their goals and thus, the incorrect strategy!

And that’s why, inside my 1:1 Consulting, at every step, we focus on getting clarity in exactly what your business goals and needs are, and based on that, I help you implement the strategic Sales Funnel and Brand Messaging that will help you generate High Ticket Conversional Leads with much ease.

And that is exactly how I helped multiple B2B companies scale 3x of their revenue in just 4 Months.

Now, back to the current stage and why I told you this:

Define your area of focus so that you have the utmost clarity all through the way.

Once you are done, we move to the Ideal Situation or the midpoint of your customer journey map. When we say midpoint, this situation gives your prospect the ideal – This person is good for my Business. How do you get it?

By giving your prospect reasons to think you can make a creative impact in their business, you can take them closer to their dream business.

But hey, wait!

This doesn’t happen overnight.

You need at least 4 to 5 touch points(Digital moments with your prospect) before even thinking about getting your prospect to think this. 

So, at this point, they ‘consider’ you to be one of the ‘Industry people’ who offer their solution.

Finally, the dream situation is where – your prospect, without a second thought, feels YOU are the only person they want to work with.

Woah! Sounds great, nah?!

But how do you do that?

  • By giving your prospect reassurance about the delivery,
  • By showcasing how you have done it before and finally,
  • By actually showing your true self and
  • Being authentic that when they decide to work

all they want to think about – is the person they get to learn from and work with along the way.

Always understand: It’s 50% about the results and 50% about the Person.

Business Leaders do not work with people who are in there just for the utility, but they appreciate working with people who form the basis for Value Sharing and a better addition to their Mindset, Creativity and Inspiration. 

So are you being that person?

Structuring your Customer Journey Map:

Now that we have established facts, let’s talk about creating the Magic.

How do you lay out a Customer Journey map?

Whether it’s for you or for your clients, the step 1 is to understand your customer situation and lay out a clear customer journey.

Let me narrate it with an example and how we did it.

Client Story:

There was a client, let’s call him Wester. He runs a 6-digit Service based company focussed on the B2B Segment. Now, his goals are simple. He wants to:

  • Transform his Services to High Ticket Segment
  • He wants to Amplify his Profits (Not Revenue, Profits)

Now when he came to us with this intention, we asked him two things:

  • Why do you want to do this?
  • What is your Vision for your Company?

Wester didn’t have much clarity, but the answer he gave was:

I offer my clients Premium Service. They most certainly get what they want and my churn rate is lesser. So I am sure about my Service. But when it comes to positioning my product and actually making more money out of it, I have been less focused since my priorities earlier were to get enough clients that I never wanted to go for external Funding. 

Right now, my company is cash-positive, we are operating with a 30% Margin over my overheads and we are self-sustaining with a great reputation. But now, this isn’t enough for me and I wanted more. I want to work with SELECT clients and be able to have a better cash flow without going with Volume. 

Now that we know the end goal, we are left with creating a compelling journey.

Turning High Ticket

As you know, High Ticket isn’t about Doubling your pricing and calling it a Premium. But rather, its about creating a Brand that resonates with your prospect for what it is and staying true to its pricing.

Its not about the Fancy Branding or a Minimalistic colour frame either. It’s about the depth of concepts and clarity in execution. So overall, we give a prospect a High Premium service for a worthy price that they don’t regret paying.

And in most cases, High Ticket doesn’t necessarily have to be with your existing audience. Though in some cases it co-exists, in a lot of cases, we help prospects identify new customer markets that are more accommodating to the pricing and high-quality deliverables.

And for Wester, it’s case 2.

His existing audience wasn’t looking for a Premium and they wanted to have everything as it is as it gives them a better pricing.

So we decided to rebrand and move out of the Market so that he can keep his existing service line for now, until we get him more clients to sign up with.

So, here’s what we did before structuring the customer journey Map:

The Foundation:

We did a comprehensive Market Study about the Competitors who already charge High Ticket and the Audience they have that are happy to pay and experience the richness. Since it’s a B2B service-based business, we wanted to ensure there isn’t a stone left unturned.

So once we were done with the audience study (A deep Nine Step Customer Persona Sorting that gave us a clear idea of Core, Secondary and Tertiary Audience), we created a clear idea of what they resonated with in terms of,

  • Service Delivery
  • First Impression
  • Reason to Sign up with the Provider
  • Expectations in terms of Experience
  • Bottlenecks or the Problems they are focussed on Solving
  • Probable Pain Points

When we had a clear idea of this, we decided to give the brand a total rebranding & varied Packaging.

  • We gathered Wester’s Vision for his company for the next 5 years (remember, he didn’t have a solid vision?? Do we create an intricate questionnaire with which we interviewed him to get his ideas, thoughts and ambitions from varied walks of life to gather the subconscious vision he had for the company.)

As I always say, your Business is an extension of Yourself. So if you are skeptical of where you want to see your Business, think about where you want to see yourself. Whether it stays the the same or not (this can again be traced back to why you want it) you always have an answer.

  • Based on his Vision, we created his Brand Communication Guide, and we worked closely with his team and remodelled his Business. Once we did it, we ensured the Premiumness of every ounce of material put out.
  • We repackaged his services in a way, that he wouldn’t need additional overheads but can give out a better premium experience to his customers. Things like, Onboarding within 24 hours, A clear starter package (Detailed Onboarding Kit) that helps the customer Move in with ease, a clear timeline, and an informed delivery system that tells your customer when to expect and what to expect without making them overthink every next step and finally giving them proper guidance on the journey forward.
  • Once we had all of these defined, the last in line was the Proposal. And yes, this had to reflect the quality and quantity of service as well. We created a Compelling Offer Proposal that focussed on Value and had a well-defined customer centricity (More on this in another blog)

So with all of these and a few other miscellaneous updates, Wester’s Brand is now a High Ticket Service Business.

Creating the Customer Journey

The reason I took you in detail through the High Ticket Journey though it’s not directly connected with a customer journey map is for you to understand the basis with which the map is laid out.

It’s not like a funnel where you take them through Awareness – Interest – Decision – Customer. It’s a lot more than that.

In fact, I would say when laid out right your Customer Journey Map is what takes your prospect through the sales funnel without losing them on the way. So Pay Attention here.

With the Market Study, we decided this is what prospects need to hear about. And these are the possible touch points.

So here’s what we laid out:

Foundations of Customer Journey Map:

The Customer Journey is drafted by making your clients ‘feel’ a certain way through every step and that is accomplished by a set of triggers which are referred to as ‘Touch Points’.

So a Touch Point is a Point of making your prospect feel a certain way so that they can become your customers.

Now here are the Touch Points that lead to your High Ticket Prospects becoming your customers.

Take your Prospects through all of these, and that’s how

Touch Points:

  1. Point of Discovering the Service Provider
  2. Point of relating with the Subject
  3. Point of agreeing with the Perspective
  4. Point of Relating with the Solution
  5. Point of agreeing with similar expectation of solution
  6. Point of Looking Forward to More Content
  7. Point of Looking Forward to a Value-Added Discussion
  8. Point of Looking Forward to getting your eye on their Business
  9. Point of Deciding to Work with you.

Now, these are the thoughts or stages a High Ticket Client generally goes through before becoming your customer. Since I have added nine stages do not assume it would take much time.

When done right, they go from No. 1 to No. 7 in just a day. When you give them the right reasons to.

I have personally witnessed this and even signed up a client within 2 days of them discovering me on LinkedIn.

Yes. Been there, done that 🙂

Back to Wester. So, when the touch points of the journey are laid out, the next is to create these touch points.

What are these points, and how do we implement them?

Let’s go a step deeper:

Point of discovering the Service Provider

This is where we want the prospect to discover us. So we need to ensure this is a place where the Search Query is strong and we are identifiable.

Ensure this TouchPoint has an edge on SEO and is clearly defined based on your service. For example, in my case, I never change the words ‘B2B High Ticket Sales Consultant’ or ‘B2B Sales’ as they are the most searched ones.

Also, I ensure to have them in my Headline to ensure they are SEO keywords, and when my prospects search for me, it is easy for them to resonate with me.

It’s not necessary to have a Website or perform SEO since this stage speaks about it. All it means is to be discoverable in a place where your prospects most commonly search for you.

Point of relating with the Subject

Once discovered, the next step is to give your customer reasons to read more about you. This is a part where you demonstrate clear authority in what you do and share insights about your experience along the way. For example, this blog you are reading demonstrates my experience with understanding my subject of work and sharing my insights.

I can guarantee that you can sign your first High Ticket Client if you just implement what you are reading here with conviction.

That is the confidence I have with the systems I Coach my Students(Yes, I teach other Marketers how to do what I do) on and the methods I consult my client’s Clients (Yesss! I turn your Business into a High Value, High-Profit Business) with.

So the point is, share your essence along the way. It speaks volumes about you.

Point of agreeing with the Perspective

The Insights you shared along the way reflect the perspective you carry with your work. Do not fake it. And never share something because that is what you want your prospects to hear about. 

Share what you think about the particular matter and only what you mean the most. Pointless festive greetings (When it doesn’t really matter to you) and creating a philanthropic post because you want to be seen as ‘someone who cares’ is all futile when you don’t stand for the same. Even if you are sharing a few elements, ensure to share the ones that resonate the most with you and the values that you truly stand for. This would ensure you attract clients with similar wavelengths while having an authentic outlook.

Point of Relating with the Solution

When talking about the service you provide, explain why you are offering the solution. In the direction of what problem you solve. This gives your prospect an idea of  the true nature of your solution and helps your prospects to connect better.

Remember the train wreck, where we spoke about people who sit still, not knowing what to do? Your prospects can be that way too. Over 60% of the time, prospect do not know their solution. They just know their Pain Points and dream destination. So always connect your solution with that. Don’t just speak about the service. Speak about Solution

Point of agreeing with the similar expectation of solution

As a part of speaking about the Solution, always include how you deliver the service and how they can expect to be treated. When it comes to High Ticket, it’s more about experience and results than anything else. So make it worth it.

Point of Looking Forward to More Content

This is a point where the prospect agrees and resonates with you, and they are now looking forward to listening to more of your perspectives and insights.

This is when consistency is critical to stay on top of their minds and not take your prospects until this point and make them forget about you. We underestimate the number of ideal customers we lost along the way by being inconsistent.

Remember: It’s your job to be remembered by your ideal customers. Not theirs to Pin your Profile and look at it every day. 

So when I say be consistent – be consistent in your touchpoints and quality of expression.

One doesn’t substitute the other.

Point of Looking Forward to a Value-Added Discussion

Aha! Finally, you did your job. They wanted to speak with you. This means you generated the inbound lead! Yay!

The quickest way to get here is to ensure you have a concise and relatable CTA on every post you create and in every interaction you have. This ensures your prospects take action at the earliest.

Point of Looking Forward to getting your eye on their Business

Once they have a conversation, remember to stay true to your values and talk to them from a value-first perspective to a sales-first perspective. When it comes to inbound leads, never pounce on selling your offer. No matter how tempting it is.

They have taken the first step to talk to you, so your responsibility is to guide them through further steps in the customer journey map and pitch at the right time. This ensures they feel comfort, confidence and clarity in the way forward.

Point of Deciding to Work with You

You know what this is, and I can see you brimming with joy. 😀 But again, while you are head over heels for signing up your High Ticket Client (Congratulations btw!!), it’s imperative to have a pre-planned onboarding process to ensure the customer feels their best for signing up with you. 

What your prospects feel in the first 48 hours is the holy grail of how they intend to navigate with you throughout the journey. So ensure to keep them well informed, well taken care of, and well catered to.

Implementing The Customer Journey Map

Now that you are aware of what goes into a Customer Journey Map, you should be confident in how it can deliver results for you.

Before I tell you the exact steps for implementing your touchpoints, let me ask you this:

Want to implement this by yourself or for your clients? What if you could fast track building a solid customer journey map that could bring the awareness and sales you need?

If you are interested, feel free to contact me at saranya.n@lyan.digital or DM me on LinkedIn. I have  a limited number of 1.1 spots left. Book a slot with me now and let’s build your customer journey map together

Now, back to Implementing the Customer Journey Map:

Every Touch Point is an interaction with your customer. Let’s say the post you make, the blog you read, the conversations you have, the number of times you hear the name, and so on.

So here is an ideal way to represent the abovementioned touch point. Also, note that this is a basic example of how it can be. A personalised approach can only happen when your customers are well-researched, your market studies and your brand is positioned correctly.

For which, I invite you to my DMs right away 🙂

Feel free to copy this basic template and customise it along the way:

KPIs and Metrics to Keep Track of

Great Job being here! Congratulations on taking the First Step towards accomplishing the best for you and your Business.

Since you are already over 90% of the content, can I ask you to follow lyan.digital?

Use this link to follow the company page and this link to check out the website and subscribe to the email newsletter. I intend to share one such masterpiece every single week, and your eyes in this content motivate me the most. Also, if you think this did change your Business, drop me a quick DM and tell me you are from here; this makes me feel on top of my world and gives you a world-class experience the next time as well 🙂

Now, back to the Metrics.

Once you implement the Customer Journey Map, staying on top of Analytics and magnifying every step along the way is crucial. If left unnoticed, you wouldn’t know which process is leaky and from where you are losing the audience. So, ensure clear KPIs and Metrics to track every move along the way.nbsp;

The way you select your Metrics can be along the purpose of the post and the action you want your prospect to take.

Let’s decode it stage by stage like earlier. And like I said, feel free to use this template, but also remember, this is a sample and not a personalised one. Never treat your Business with a preset metric; feel free to DM me!


So here it is; now that you know this, you can never go back. There are no two things about getting more sales in your Business. It’s just about reaching out to the right audience, ensuring they value you and the time you spent, and, ultimately, be interested in working with you. And the best way to do it is the customer journey map.

You can never again complain about the lack of information. You have more than you need to get your first High Ticket Client. So get started. Define your audience, map out your touch points and get started.

Business is too precious just to waste time pondering what’s next. 🙂

About the Author,

Saranya Narayana Moorthy is a Strategic Marketer and a B2B High Ticket Sales Consultant. She has helped so many B2B companies generate and close leads until $5M. With 5+ years of experience running a company, Saranya comes with a deep intuitive knowledge and strategic thinking about building a Business, Capturing an audience and deeply engaging Business Wireframes. She has worked with over 170+ clients and have generated over 7.10 ROI consistently.

Heading Lyan.digital she now helps B2B Business Owners to Systemise a Profitable Organic Sales Funnel by leveraging Client Centric Brand Positioning and Customer Journey Mapping to Generate Highly Conversional Leads on Auto-Pilot.

Have a deeper look at her profile here: LinkedIn Profile


You Missed the opportunity to sign up for a High Ticket Client with Higher Profitability. Yes, Profitability, not just revenue, because I am giving you the opportunity to be ONE in a Million in the service that you offer rather than being one with the crowd. And that is exactly what you missed as you thought it was too Valuable and you didn’t have time to transform your Business.

Certain things can never be summarised as it’s an already compressed wisdom from years of experience and hundreds of experiments. So you are either in or Not.

There is No Shortcuts to Premium Results.


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