Threads — An Intro

Meta’s New Platform is built with two thoughts in mind.

1. Elon is kind of selling out Twitter, and the platform is starting to get hateful. So now is the time to Leverage

2. Instagram works high on videos; Facebook works high on Visuals (Photos) and communities. So here we have threads that focus on discussion, debates and TEXTual Content.

So if you are jumping to threads, it means you are an active Instagram user (or) prefer posting more content/engaging in debates.

Hence Meta would now get its active audience specifically filtered. (Great Move, Zuck)

Now, let’s move to what it means for us, the users.

If you love to write/share more verbal content — Puns/educational/debate-centric content- threads are a steal for you. Let me tell you why.

Twitter would never go out of the blue. Even without Twitter blue 😀

Twitter would be a central spot for Politics, News, and complaints on how a brand doesn’t perform well, making jokes, spreading viral content or tracking demand and what’s trending.

And it’s tiring to see how people label threads as a replacement for Twitter.


If you haven’t noticed, the audience is entirely different for both of them.

Twitter has been overpopulated with news and Info on one side while creators try making content and attracting the audience on the other. And in between, there are lots of people who share rants or sh*t posts without a purpose.

Twitter users are predominantly above 30 and Thread users are focused on Gen Z and people below 30s.

Focus on how the platform(Thread) brought in users. It derived the audience from Instagram, the most active platform for younger generation. Most importantly, though the functionality resembles twitter — look at the UI and co-sharing option.

It’s all over it.

So my perspective is, Threads will be utilised more by creators, Coaches, influencers, and people who want to create a community for the sole purpose of leveraging it.

Twitter would be a platform where people become celebrities or public figures. Threads would be a platform where people build communities to make money.

Subsequently, threads would streamline this and have a platform for creators, coaches and people who want to build deeper connections with the audience. And since it’s connected with Instagram, the personal branding would also be on point.

As a Strategic Marketer, I would use Threads as a Business Documenting Platform or an experimental platform where I can post a lot of content without giving much thought towards editing, scripts or so on.

On that note, I believe Threads would be:

– A Free flow platform where people can post multiple times without losing active engagement

– Can write mid-size content without reducing readability [as it comes as Threads]

– Offer a deeper and insightful (I hope) space for debates and discussions.

On the whole, this might not be Twitter, but this will be Twitter for new thought processes and a whole new freedom of speech.

Twitter has a stringent scrutiny system, which Threads wouldn’t have as it is still a complementary product of Instagram.

So yeah! Create threads and share on Instagram and Facebook — the whole meta suite for varied audiences who love sharing videos, pictures and now Texts!

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