🚀 Ignite Your SaaS Platform’s Growth with an Unconventional Approach! 📈 – Case Concept for a B2B Accounting SaaS product

Hello Entrepreneur, read this entirely if you own a SaaS product, are in B2B Space, or are planning to leverage digital presence to gain a higher subscriber base.

So, first of all:

Are you tired of pouring your budget into traditional advertising methods that yield lackluster results? Do you dream of a game-changing strategy that can skyrocket your user base without relying on ads?

Look no further! I am thrilled to introduce you to an innovative and highly effective approach that will transform the trajectory of your SaaS platform in just 90 days!

In this ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s crucial to think outside the box and discover unconventional tactics to give your SaaS platform a competitive edge. Imagine harnessing the power of organic growth and witnessing your user base flourish without spending a fortune on advertising. It’s not only possible but achievable with the no-ads method!

So, without too much information – let’s get to the workable action items:

Here is a Business Case of a Financial and Legal Subscription based SaaS Business. Let us have a detailed overview of the bottleneck issues and how the solution kit was strategized.

Business Model: Subscription-based SaaS

Mode of Services: Financial and Legal Services

Business Brief:  Software development firm that works in artificial intelligence and mobile edge computing to tackle complicated business problems. They assist retailers, wholesalers, and distributors in organizing and manage their operations professionally and precisely.

They developed a product to enable omnichannel retailing, which helps brands and retailers to manage everyday operations effortlessly. Since the product launch, they have seen a steady upsurge in our customer segment. More than 5 Lakh businesses have made their software a part of their day-to-day operations, which helps them to save time and resources efficiently.

And now, you are looking for methods to scale your Business with a limited budget.

Marketing Model: Combination of Organic SEO and SEM. They have an emerging brand presence combined with affiliate marketing to improve Sales.

Pricing Model: They have a market penetrant pricing model and have managed to acquire a sea of customers under your ideal persona; since Their customers are startups with less capital and have 3-digit pricing, the new customer acquisition is progressive.

Problem Statement:

1.    Lesser Conversion Rate

2.    High Bounce Rate

3.    Lack of Authoritative Audience

The Solution Kit:

So when we analyzed the reason for their bounce rate and less conversion, it pointed out lesser customer interest in specific web pages. So to get that sorted, we did a customer journey analysis. Once we placed heatmaps on the website to gather data from the past 300 customers, we had a few observations that gave us the next steps. The comments are as follows:

  1. Visitors did not focus on the prices; they pushed further towards what the services were inclusive of and not incusive of
  2. The website was detailed, but it wasn’t self explanatory – the heatmaps and customer journey maps inclined more towards customer’s search for detailed processes rather than detailed explanations
  3. They searched for customer testimonials, brand names and so on
  4. Social Platform image was looked upon. This brought in the need to include better updates and progressive details about the legal positioning of the services inclined and their benefits in a customer centric way.
  5. They get more visitors, but the retention (in website) and the conversion rate was lower.

So to give a consolidated workplan and summary, here are the primary elements we urged the client to work on.

Primary Differentiators:

  1. Improve Brand Recall
  2. Improve Lead Generation through thoughtful content promotion
  3. Enhance Engagement
  4. Create a Nurture Community
  5. Improve Organic Conversions

With a closer look into the SaaS model, you will see the primary revenue accumulators would be getting new subscriptions and increasing the conversion rate. And predominantly in SaaS, the dealbreakers would be either competitor with a similar value proposition and pricing or premium pricing and less value-based differentiation.

On this note, since this client had a better pricing model and thoughtful value proposition, the missing piece was credibility and brand recall. Once these two are fixed, we forecasted a higher conversion rate.

With that in focus, our working model proposed three immediate fixes for the next three months were on the following:

  1. Organic Sources [Basic]:

Website revamp – Convert the Website into a Sales Funnel

Affiliate Network

2.    Extended Organic Sources [Good to Have]:

Podcast Marketing

Newsletter Nurturing

3.    Inorganic Supporting Bases:

Social Media Retargeting Ads

Search Engine Ads

Utilizing these, we created a Sales Web:

No alt text provided for this image
Marketing Auditor | Workflow to Increase Sales and Solve Bottlenecks in B2B SaaS platform | Saranya Narayana Moorthy

Here is the Step by Step Workframe:

Website to Sales Funnel:

Make the website into a sales funnel by developing a progressive UI. Make the customer journey engaging and interactive from the homepage to the contact us page.

  1. Add relevant credibility touch points, a conversional curve, and some creative content that sparks better customer insight than just giving information.
  2. Conversional Curve is where the content in the website goes from introducing the brand to the customer, elaborating the highlights, and from there, being acquainted with the customers. Here you aren’t just weaving a story but building a relatable relationship.
  3. Once this is done from a content perspective, do the same technically. Measure customer traction through customer journey maps, heat maps, and tracking mechanisms. This ensures we know where our customers are from and where they go.

Perform ORM

Once we have our initial bases covered, we suggest performing ORM, which ensures the first three pages of content get filled up with reassuring client information to urge better conversion.

ORM helps the prospect decide by showcasing credible brand value when the brand name is looked up on the search engines.

Now this ensures that the customer who lands on the website or gets to know about the brand gives an enquiry or atleast saves the site with an increased brand recall


Instead of running facebook lead campaigns or awareness ads, we suggested the client to run only retargeting ads via Facebook. This is recommended because, facebook consumes less cost when it comes to brand awareness retargetting ads than lead conversion ads.

  1. Once you make this a habit, the brand recall gets reinforced, ensuring you aren’t left out in the maze.
  2. If you have an inquiry, run a Newsletter or email nurture campaign. But if you do not, then Facebook retargeting ads ensure that you do not lose the customer and establish better brand communication.

If you need Instant Sales then go for sale based search engine ads. This will show your services to only the people who search actively for the service. But do not go for social media lead ad if you are focussed on building the brand. There are better ways to utilise the platforms.

No alt text provided for this image
Marketing Auditor | Mindmap to Increase Sales and Solve Bottlenecks in B2B SaaS platform | Saranya Narayana Moorthy


  1. Podcasts are the best way to engage your audience while still not asking much from them. Since it can listen to passively and still have deep content, it’s a great choice to reinforce your thought processes with your client’s preferences.
  2. Create engaging videos on web. If you have a chance – invest in explainer video. This gives you a better clarity of how you can position your services and gives customers a simple yet impactful elaboration of your key features.
  3. Have case studies, methodologies and guides [the way you are reading this one], this again gives your customer an idea of your working style and ensures you demo your working styles before they come in.
  4. Give prompts to engage, interact and book a call in every possible opportunity But do not spam or overdo.

So, here’s a quick image for you to screenshot and save for a consolidated future reference:

No alt text provided for this image
Marketing Auditor | Wireframe to Increase Sales and Solve Bottlenecks in B2B SaaS platform | Saranya Narayana Moorthy

Once you prepare the foundations – in terms of the website, ORM, and Social Media Image Management, start creating consistent audience-centric content for 90 days. Since you have optimized your bases, your content will be conversational and can urge conversions better. So focus on enhancing your viewership via SEO/Social Media Content (LinkedIn for you) and see the changes happening.

This work plan is a consistent approach to amplifying your conversion rate and gaining authority in your space within 90 days of religious implementation.

Do not shy away. Do not give up in between.

But keep doing this for the next 90 days to 120 days and see Magic Happening 🚀✨

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