Decoding my $5M Sales Process!


So before I begin, this Newsletter is a Summary of the LinkedIn Audio event “Decoding the Sales Process”.

Decoding my Sales Process

PS: The recording of the Decode my Sales Process – the LinkedIn Audio Event. I have also enclosed the link to the Podcast episode containing the event recording to make it easier.

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So here we begin!

Firstly, let’s start with defining the goals. Unlike the previous Newsletters, this isn’t gonna be a storyline, but rather a complete notes & highlighted approach to the concept. So I would recommend you to do a thorough read through this because this isn’t something you should just read and get to know, but for you to understand and implement.

So let’s Begin!

Goal: Close the next sales deal with Minimal Follow-Ups

Top Takeaways from my Personal Story:

  1. Sometimes – you think you aren’t great at a specific task. But for what you are destined to do – You are always just perfect,
  2. What you believe is your FATE, or damage to your existence, might be your biggest asset. Use it Right!
  3. If followed right, your fear will lead you to where you want to go.
  4. What is yours – will always find its way
  5. You think you are wrong – ask yourself. If there isn’t anything that you could have done better, then you are always on the right track.
  6. Believe. Life prepares you by placing your interest, experience, and journey where you belong.

My Behavioral processes that aided:

  1. Ask me what I am uncomfortable with, and always strive to make myself comfortable.
  2. Know what I am speaking about. Almost every time.
  3. Never think twice before tuning into HUSTLE mode
  4. Ask me “WHY” so many times.
  5. Seeking solutions and knowledge instead of saying, “I don’t know”\
  6. Consulted, not afraid to learn something new
  7. Always in search of answers. Despite how silly the question is – always up for asking it aloud

Streams of Interest & Things I did:

  1. I always create a mental picture of whom I want to be and ask myself, where am I right now in the journey towards where I want to be? And every time I do something, I ask myself if I am aligning myself
  2. Keen on developing the Mental Picture and idolizing the scenario long before it happened
  3. Being Aware of what I can and cannot accomplish. Also, being aware of the industry scenarios, why we are doing what we are doing and what is at stake.
  4. Observation – from micro to macro conditions. Be alert and well-absorbed in the scenario. Else there would be no takeaway from learning the same.
  5. Ask me, what gives me confidence? And take more of it. If I don’t feel confident, I stay away from negotiations.
  6. Learned more about Psychology, Behavioral Analysis, Human emotional science, Neuroscience, Anxiety & Fear, Key tactics people use to overcome negative emotions, The Art of speaking, etc

While all these skill development were going on, as a side benefit, I analyzed people more – their display of emotions, behavior, fear, underlying mind frame, core belief system, reasoning, etc.

Now you might wonder why is the sales event all about me. For this, I want you to understand something. When you sell a smaller product – you sell the product/service/brand. But when you sell a high-ticket product – you sell yourself. So make sure you are MAN ENOUGH to be sold to the prospect.

So let’s now move up to core sales.

Let’s start with understanding the perspective:

Generally, people hold two perspectives on sales:

  1. Product → Benefits → Utility → Sale [the materialistic version]
  2. Pain Point → Solution → Enhancement → Sale [Emotional Version]

But most of the time, I see the sales perspective as version 3:

Expectation → Synchronisation → Satisfaction → Sale

Every prospect has an expectation – understand what the expectation is. Read between the lines, and find it. Once you have analyzed your offering, sync your offering with your client’s expectations. Once you meet their real needs, you have a sale.

Over 80% of my customers/prospects tell me this, “After speaking with you → we feel confident, satisfied, and happy to pay you. We haven’t felt this anywhere.”

Trust me; this gives me the adrenaline rush after every sales call.

But No! Wait! You don’t get this by saying ‘Yes’ to everything your prospect says. You achieve this by telling them what you believe.

So here is the concept. First, let us see this theoretically, and then I will give you practical steps.

Understand: A Customer is a person. A person filled with thoughts, Emotions, Ego, Leverage, and Need.

Don’t be offended. Let’s face it. Only when you accept it can you think of it.

These thoughts, emotions, and his ego tell him something: ‘ He is a Sales Person, so I need to be careful not to be bluffed at.’ At the same time, his need also tells him something, “I hope this person gives me what exactly I am looking for. ”

So here – as a salesperson, you have answers, thoughts, emotions, convincability, and product/solution.

With whatever you both have, utilize it and channel it in the right direction.

  1. Read your prospect’s thoughts. DO NOT try just to know what it is. Read & Interpret it.
  2. DO NOT understand your prospect’s emotions. But Analyse-it. Get to know the in-depth meaning of it.
  3. Acknowledge or Appreciate the ego. They are in the designation for a reason. And pride comes with a price. Acknowledge it positively. Doing it will only make them feel respected.
  4. Once you have laid the foundation right – Introduce the product. Introduce it by giving a transparent overlay of “How your solution can give them more leverage and enhance their power positioning.” Do not be afraid of not giving them valued pointers. You will speak to the concerned person so that you will get it.

As the legendary fictional character Harvey Spector, says, “Don’t Play the odds. Play the Man.”

With this confidence, make a strong sales call. Make it soo powerful that they have no option other than to agree that you understand them way better than anyone else.

When you do this confidently, they’ll remember you. Because while many salespeople were selling a product – you went ahead and sold more than just a product – a relationship.

You didn’t only sell a product – you appealed to the Man behind the product.

So now, this being the overall theory – here is how you can practically achieve this:

Disclaimer: This works only for high ticket sales. Refrain from attempting this for the low ticket. You may be wasting your time.

Steps to Practically make the next sale of yours – a WIN:

  1. Get your background check right – the more you know about your prospect without them telling you, the more impressive you sound.
  2. Do a quick research about his personality and what his behavior is like. This will open up more doors to know the person and to respond well to their innate features.
  3. Know the industry specifics. Before you get into a client’s call, have enough statistical info and back up anything you say so that you don’t give a client the idea that you are bluffing or just a surface gracer.
  4. Preparation is the Key:
  5. Wear your best outfit. Along with making you feel good – it boosts your confidence as well.
  6. Be unguarded. Or at least show yourself unguarded. The more you let go of rigidity, the more the other person will show you.
  7. Be casual. This will make them feel you are having a conversation and not selling hardcore.
  8. Read the Prospect
  9. Their Mindset
  10. Their mood of the day
  11. His personality and image
  12. His aesthetical lingua
  13. The prospect’s keen WHY

Now that you are ready dedicate the first 3 to 7 minutes of the call solely for the observation part. Let the prospect speak, let him address, and you GRASP.

Be a good listener. And while you are observing – get to know the answers to all your previous questions loud and clear.

When the prospect is done, speak about just the Top 3 ways your solution suits your prospect’s inner WHYs. And do not just be a speaker. Be a reasoner.

Give them a compelling reason why you are the best choice and not the other competitors. Do this without throwing dirt on others. Do it with diligence.

And most importantly, remove objections before it even appears.

Remember: Mediocre Sales People face objections, and Top Sales People don’t allow room for Objection. Choose where you want to be.

And once you finish your sales call: Give them a proposal with a Time Claused.

For example, I usually give them a proposal with a discount percentage valid only for 48 hours.

This will increase the odds of prospects beginning a closing negotiation to renew the cash discounts.

So, do you think this would be good for you to implement?

Listen to the Podcast below & understand HOW I arrived at this methodology. Maybe, that would give you the whole shape of the process.

Listen to the Podcast, Follow it & turn on Notifications. You will receive every other episode right in your email.

Trust me; this is the one-stop podcast for every Marketing need of yours

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